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Seth Baxter Professional Software Engineer

I am an all-in-one software generalist living in Charlottesville, Virginia. I have worked with organizations of all shapes and sizes—small nonprofits to Fortune 500—to deliver mission-critical web applications that are user-focused, well-documented, and designed for testability.


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I am a software development generalist and an astute web technologist: I know the technologies and how to make intelligent choices between them. I have designed and implemented complex network services on the back-end, and have used the latest-and-greatest front-end technologies to craft feature-rich web UIs.

I am an opinionated developer with strong interests in standards based software development, distributed computing, and the art of building quality web-based software. I am methodology agnostic: I have little interest in spending time on trivial buzzwords or activities that keep me from honing my craft.

I work in UNIX, Linux, and Mac OS X; if you are looking for someone to hack in Windows, I am not your guy.



Unix, Linux, Mac OS X
shell programming, and comprehensive knowledge of the command line; I can make use of any utility that comes equipped with a man page.
MySQL5+, Postgres9+
including SQL, database design, keys, indicies, cluster and load balancing.
Amazon Web Services
using CloudFormation to provision EC2 instances in the AWS cloud, RDS to manage relational data, S3 to store application resources, Kinesis as a messaging layer and CloudWatch to track system metrics.
Configuration Management and Source Code Control
using git; experienced with both CVS and Subversion.
Apache Kafka
to decouple application components, increase resiliency and scale applications.
Logstash, Elasticsearch and Kibana
to gain deep insights into application behavior.
Continuous Integration
using JenkinsCI, github and AWS.
Apache Zookeeper
for dynamic runtime configuration and cluster coordination.
Apache2+ HTTP Server
rewrite engine, caching and cross-origin resource sharing.


including functional programming, multithreading and general JVM know-how.
scripting and extensive knowledge of the command line.
SQLite3+, MySQL5+ and Postgres9+ adaptations.
all flavors, client and server.
including object manipulations.
including parsing it, and using it for interprocess communication.
for typesetting documentation.
including github flavored markdown used for online documentation.
parsing and conversion to more useful and compact formats.
(LESS is a CSS compiler written in JavaScript, and running on the server.)
what professional web developer doesn't know HTML?

Sample Projects

Custom WordPress Development

Custom WordPress – Website buildout for an industrial design company. Designed by Tim Barnes.

JavaScript Development

JavaScript – A prototype of the client-side app I created to allow users to interact with web analytic data.

LAMP Development

LAMP Stack – The flagship application for PrecisionIR; I handled development of this online financial portal from 2012-2013.


[ Note: I receive a high volume of emails and do a poor job responding to all of them; improving my email response rate is not on my list of priorities. You have been warned. – end note. ]